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Oxygen Equipment and Supplies

Vacations To Go can recommend a leading vendor of oxygen supplies and equipment to offer you an extensive selection of competitively-priced products that can be delivered to a wide range of domestic and international ports.
Rental and delivery prices vary depending on the type of equipment and quantity of oxygen you select, and your ports of embarkation and disembarkation. All prices and specifications of equipment must be confirmed at the time of booking.

All oxygen supply companies require a copy of your oxygen prescription and a certificate of medical necessity (CMN) that reflects your current oxygen use before they will confirm your order.

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  • Oxygen Concentrator
    Width 17", Depth 15", Height 27"
    1-10 Liters per Minute
    Equipment_L Weight - 57 lbs
    110-220V Power
    "Must be handled & installed by qualified specialists"
  • Compressed Gas Oxygen
    Tank Heights from 15" to 32"
    M6 C D E Cylinders
    Tanks Require a Regulator
    Tank weight 5-10 lbs. Volume 164 - 168 gaseous liters
  • Inogen One Oxygen System
    Width 12", Depth 6", Height 12"
    Equipment_L Weight - 9.7lbs
    1-5 lpm "On Demand"
    110V-220V, 12V Vehicle
    Battery lasts up to 3 hours
  • Liquid Oxygen
    Height 36" X Diameter 15"
    Equipment_L Weight: 130 lbs +
    Portable unit Required
    Volume of tank is 100 lbs or 45 Litre
  • Helios Liquid Portable
    3-4 lbs
    10"-11" high; 7" wide; 4 1/2 " deep
    Duration up to 10 hours
    40 second refill time
  • Standard Portable
    6-9 lbs
    14" high; 9" wide; 4 1/2" deep
    Duration of 8.5 hours when 2 LPM continuous flow setting
    1.1 minute refill time
  • Standard Regulator
    Diameter 1.25" Height 6"
    Equipment_L Weight 1 lb
  • Conserving Regulator
    Width 4", Length 7", Height 1.5"
    2 - 3 lbs
    Pulse Settings 1-6 LPM
    Conserving Ratio 1:3
  • Oxygen Carry Bags
    Accommodate M6, C, D w/reg or OCD
    Cart for large E cylinder

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