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Cruise Newsletters Archive

Below is a selection of Alan Fox's most popular newsletters. Just click any topic to see the full series, and click any title to view that newsletter. For a copy of our current newsletter, click here.

Newsletter Topics:

A Tauck Safari in Tanzania
Adventures in Antarctica
African Travel Safari in Botswana & Zambia
Cruising Southeast Asia on Crystal
Cruising the British Isles on Regent
Cruising with Kids
Exploring Dubai
From Bermuda to Iceland on Regent
Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu with Celebrity
Mediterranean on Crystal
Mediterranean on Silversea & Crystal
More Travel Experiences
North Pole Adventure
Northern Lights in Alaska
Polar Bears in Canada
Prayer for Nice
Return to Vietnam
Rhine River Cruise on the Avalon Tapestry
Running with the Bulls
SITA Safari in Uganda & Rwanda
Seychelles to Mauritius on Silversea
Tahiti and French Polynesia on the Paul Gauguin
The Great State of Alaska
Travel News and Tips
Western Caribbean Cruise on Princess
Wonders of the Nile
Yachting with SeaDream
Zero Gravity Experience

A Tauck Safari in Tanzania Back to top
Tanzania Safari, Part 1: Gearing Up
What I did to prepare and plan for my first African safari

Tanzania Safari, Part 2: At First Sight
My first impressions of Tanzania -- a great adventure is about to begin

Tanzania Safari, Part 3: Climbing Kilimanjaro
Before our safari begins, we trek the world's tallest freestanding mountain

Tanzania Safari, Part 4: Into the Bush
Our safari officially begins and we experience "roughing it," Tauck-style

Tanzania Safari, Part 5: Children of the Maasai
Our group is deeply impacted by our visit to a Maasai elementary school

Tanzania Safari, Part 6: Africa's Garden of Eden
Welcome to, in my opinion, the most incredible place on Earth

Tanzania Safari, Part 7: The Great Migration
We witness a small part of this annual movement of 2 million animals through the plains of the Serengeti

Tanzania Safari, Part 8: Adrift Over the Serengeti
Our group is treated to a unique perspective of the Great Migration

Tanzania Safari, Part 9: The Grand Design
Time to reflect on the systems, rhythms and rituals that make up the grand design of life in Tanzania

Adventures in Antarctica Back to top
Antarctica Cruise: On My Way
Why Antarctica? For the sheer, unadulterated joy of it, of course!

Antarctica Cruise, Part 1: Paying Drake’s Toll
Buenos Aires, Ushuaia and the infamous Drake Passage

Antarctica Cruise, Part 2: Landing in Antarctica
Glaciers, penguins and seals greet us during our first day exploring Antarctica

Antarctica Cruise, Part 3: The Age of Explorers
We extend our thanks to the explorers who preceeded us

Antarctica Cruise, Part 4: Antarctica's Wild Side
The White Continent, then and now

Antarctica Cruise, Part 5: Wonderland on Ice
Our group visits Neko Harbour and dreamlike Cierva Cove

Antarctica Cruise, Part 6: A Place Like No Other
We visit Deception and Half Moon Islands before saying goodbye to the White Continent

African Travel Safari in Botswana & Zambia Back to top
Southern Africa Safari, Prelude: When Africa Calls
My first unforgettable trip to Africa leaves me wanting more

Southern Africa Safari, Part 1: Return to Africa
We begin our Southern Africa sojourn in Johannesburg

Southern Africa Safari, Part 2: Lost and Found in Zambia
We are instantly intrigued and impressed by the Royal Livingstone, Victoria Falls and Maramba market

Southern Africa Safari, Part 3: Surf & Turf in Zambia
Our safari takes through the bush on elephant back, and down the Zambezi in canoes

Southern Africa Safari, Part 4: Botswana's Okavango Delta
We get our first glimpse of the Delta as we fly to our first camp

Southern Africa Safari, Part 5: Khwai River Lodge
We visit the Kalahari Desert and I reflect on how our trip to Southern Africa differs from our previous trip to Eastern Africa

Southern Africa Safari, Part 6: Savute Elephant Camp
Sorry to say good-bye and eager to return again someday

Cruising Southeast Asia on Crystal Back to top
Crystal Cruise to Southeast Asia, Part 1: Onboard Crystal Symphony
The Crystal Symphony is better than ever

Crystal Cruise to Southeast Asia, Part 2: Exploring Indonesia
I've wanted to see Bali and Singapore for many years

Crystal Cruise to Southeast Asia, Part 3: Malaysia and Singapore
Our voyage from Malaysia to the crown jewel of the cruise, Singapore

Cruising the British Isles on Regent Back to top
Cruising the British Isles, Part 1: The Seven Seas Voyager
Every aspect of cruising on Regent's Seven Seas Voyager is top notch

Cruising the British Isles, Part 2: Ireland, Wales & Scotland
We're warmly welcomed in Waterford, Dublin, Holyhead and Greenock

Cruising the British Isles, Part 3: Kirkwall, Invergordon & Edinburgh
As we wrap up our journey, we learn all about William Wallace, the Loch Ness Monster and Edward I

Cruising with Kids Back to top
Cruising with Kids under 7
Tips for making your little one's first cruise a big success

Cruising with Kids Ages 7-12
Older kids and 'tweens love cruising as much as their parents

Cruising with Teens
Keep these cruising tips in mind when your kid becomes a teenager

All I Need is a Ship
Cruises allow families to combine fun and education into one memorable vacation

'Twas the Night before Christmas
A cruise lover's take on the classic poem by Clement Clarke Moore

Exploring Dubai Back to top
Dubai Makes a Big Impression
Bold, innovative and unfinished?

From Bermuda to Iceland on Regent Back to top
Regent Cruise to Iceland, Part 1: The Adventure Begins
Ready to begin our trip covering dramatically contrasting climates and cultures

Regent Cruise to Iceland, Part 2: Highlights of Bermuda
We spend three wonderful days in Bermuda before venturing north

Regent Cruise to Iceland, Part 3: New England & Canada
We explore lovely and historic towns along North America's northeast coast

Regent Cruise to Iceland, Part 4: En Route to Iceland
We experience memorable days at sea as we sail to the Land of Fire and Ice

Regent Cruise to Iceland, Part 5: The Land of Fire & Ice
On our first day in Iceland, we experience the "fire" of the island at the Blue Lagoon

Regent Cruise to Iceland, Part 6: Glacier Trekking
Despite rain, ice climbing in Iceland proves to be exhilarating

Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu with Celebrity Back to top
Galapagos Cruise, Part 1: Quito & North Seymour Island
After exploring Ecuador's capital, we set our sights on the diverse flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Cruise, Part 2: Sea Lions, Albatross and More
Our exploration of these unique islands continues as we swim with sea lions, cruise past extinct volcanoes and watch for birds

Galapagos Cruise, Part 3: Santa Cruz, Bartolome, Isabela & Fernandina
We complete our cruise of the Galapagos and ponder the future of this remarkable group of islands

Peru Trip, Part 1: En Route to Machu Picchu
With our Galapagos cruise finished, we push on toward the Lost City of the Incas

Peru Trip, Part 2: Cuzco, Gateway to Machu Picchu
We explore Cuzco and the Sacred Valley before boarding our train bound for the Lost City

Peru Trip, Part 3: The Lost City of the Incas
We see for ourselves why Machu Picchu was recently named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World

Mediterranean on Crystal Back to top
Crystal Cruise, Part 1: Mallorca, Rome and Sorrento
We embark on our Mediterranean Odyssey

Crystal Cruise, Part 2: Onboard Crystal Serenity
The Crystal Serenity truly shines during days at sea

Crystal Cruise, Part 3: Greece, Croatia and Italy
We take in the history, culture and nature of Katakalon, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Trieste & Venice

Mediterranean on Silversea & Crystal Back to top
Back-to-Back on Silversea & Crystal, Part 1: Looking Forward to the Journey
There's no rest for this excited traveler about to embark on 6-star Silversea

Back-to-Back on Silversea & Crystal, Part 2: The Olympic Spirit is Alive
An exceptional tour guide proves the Olympic spirit is alive and well in Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic games

Back-to-Back on Silversea & Crystal, Part 3: It's Okay to Go
Don't let fear or the evening news stop you from fulfilling your European travel dreams

Back-to-Back on Silversea & Crystal, Part 4: Benefits of Cruising with Crystal
Tips for booking your own cruise on a 6-star Crystal ship

Back-to-Back on Silversea & Crystal, Part 5: Dubrovnik, Croatia
After years of being under attack in the 90's, Dubrovnik emerges as an up-and-coming Mediterranean cruise port

More Travel Experiences Back to top
Searching for Great White Sharks
An early morning rendezvous with the world's most celebrated predators.

Adriatic Adventures, Part 1: Windstar, Venice and Rovinj, Croatia
VTG President Emerson Hankamer tours Venice before setting sail for Croatia's sparkling coast

Adriatic Adventures, Part 2: Cruising in Croatia: Opatija, Trogir and Dubrovnik
We enjoy seafood, gelato and off-the-beaten-path ports along the coast of Croatia

Tribute to Bill, a Sailor at Heart
Memories of cruising with my father-in-law

Flying to or through Paris? Beware of CDG
My misadventures at Charles de Gaulle airport

I Want To Go Everywhere
Berlin's ITB Travel Trade Show impresses and inspires

VTG President Emerson Hankamer Cruises the Galapagos
Father and son explore the fascinating Galapagos Islands

Traveling in Italy, circa 1912
A look back at what it was like to travel in Southern Italy in the early 20th century

A Tribute to Sir Freddie Laker
A look back at my time in Lakerville

Memories of Greece
Cruise ports in Greece offer a diverse mix of history, culture and fun in the sun

Family Reunion Cruise in Costa Rica
Though the family reuniting was not my own, this trip proved how wonderful cruises can be for family gatherings

Crystal Cruise to Scandinavia & Russia
We are thoroughly impressed with our first Crystal cruise and have a moving experience in St. Petersburg

Never Met a Cruise I Didn't Like
Whether three stars or six, I treasure the memories from every cruise

North Pole Adventure Back to top
Headed for the North Pole
En route from sunny and warm Houston to Longyearbyen, Norway, the world's northernmost town

Exploring the World's Northernmost Town of Longyearbyen
Alan Fox checks in from Longyearbyen on his way to the North Pole

Final Stop -- The North Pole
The Blue Tents of Barneo

Northern Lights in Alaska Back to top
Quest to See the Aurora Borealis, Part 1
Something powerful this way comes

Quest to See the Aurora Borealis, Part 2
Our activity-packed trip ends with a spectacular show in the sky

Polar Bears in Canada Back to top
Trip to the Polar Bear Capital of the World
I travel to Churchill in the Canadian province of Manitoba to see the great white bears up close

Prayer for Nice Back to top
Traveling in Troubled Times
A tribute to the victims of the cowardly terrorist attack in Nice, France

Return to Vietnam Back to top
Return to Vietnam, Part 1: Halong Bay and Hanoi Hilton
Emotions run high as former POWs revisit the notorious Hoa Lo prison

Return to Vietnam, Part 2: Way Off the Beaten Path
Things begin to get wild as we move away from Vietnam's tourist areas

Return to Vietnam, Part 3: Our Search for Dogpatch
Our quest to find Dogpatch comes to an end

Rhine River Cruise on the Avalon Tapestry Back to top
Rhine River Cruise, Part 1: River Cruises vs. Ocean-Going Cruises
A comparison between two types of cruising

Rhine River Cruise, Part 2: Sailing the Romantic Rhine
Our river cruise proves to be a relaxing, effortless way to explore Europe

Running with the Bulls Back to top
An Adventure in Pamplona
For hundreds of years, the adventurous and the foolhardy have come to Pamplona, Spain, during the Festival of San Fermin to run with the bulls.

Seychelles to Mauritius on Silversea Back to top
Cruising the Indian Ocean, Part 1: The Seychelles
We explore the islands of The Seychelles and are briefed on the potential dangers of plying these waters

Cruising the Indian Ocean, Part 2: Mombasa & Zanzibar
After some thankfully uneventful days at sea, we explore Mombasa and exotic Zanzibar

Cruising the Indian Ocean, Part 3: Madagascar, Reunion Island & Mauritius
The last leg of our trip brings encounters with lemurs, volcanoes and a flotilla of friendly locals

SITA Safari in Uganda & Rwanda Back to top
Uganda & Rwanda Safari, Part 1: Edge of the Comfort Zone
Our adventure begins with lots of anticipation and just a little apprehension of what's in store

Uganda & Rwanda Safari, Part 2: From Entebbe to Ndali
We enjoy a cultural exploration of the history and people of Uganda before heading into the bush

Uganda & Rwanda Safari, Part 3: From Kibale to Ishasha
We track chimpanzees in Kibale National Park and take a game-viewing boat ride along the Kazinga Channel

Uganda & Rwanda Safari, Part 4: Tracking Gorillas in Rwanda
The purpose of our trip is realized: We observe a family of amazing, endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Uganda & Rwanda Safari, Part 5: Rwanda Renaissance
A look at how far Rwanda has come since the genocide of 1994

Tahiti and French Polynesia on the Paul Gauguin Back to top
French Polynesia Trip, Part 1: I'm Never Going Home!
We've just arrived in paradise

French Polynesia Trip, Part 2: Beautiful Bora Bora
We start things off right with nights in two Intercontinental resorts

French Polynesia Trip, Part 3: Aboard the Paul Gauguin
We set sail from Papeete and experience the best the Paul Gauguin has to offer

French Polynesia Trip, Part 4: A Look Back
A look at Captain Cook's Polynesia

French Polynesia Trip, Part 5: Bora Bora & Moorea
Pearl shopping and shark diving in paradise

The Great State of Alaska Back to top
Alaska Trip, Part 1: Visit to Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley
Exhilerating flight around Mt. McKinley was the highlight of the trip

Alaska Trip, Part 2: In Search of Brown Bears
We took our cameras in search of brown bears and whatever else might wander out of the wilderness.

Travel News and Tips Back to top
Cruise Line Price Protection Policies
What happens if the price drops after booking?

Tipping on a Cruise
A look at how each of the world's major cruise lines handles tipping onboard

Tips for Planning an Alaska Cruise
Five things to consider when planning your trip to America's Last Frontier

Vacations To Go Offers Travel Options to Satisfy Any Traveler
From cruises to escorted tours, from tropical resorts to African safaris, we're standing by to help

Inaugural Cruises
Seven new ships set to take to the high seas

Demystifying Cruise Ship Ratings
A brief explanation of the 6-star scale we use to rate cruise ships

Cruise Ship Dining: Policies & Options
An overview of today's shipboard dining scene

When You Have to Fly to Cruise
Three factors to consider when planning a cruise vacation that involves flying to your departure port

Trade Up During Bargain Season
Experience some of the industry's most unique suites for less during the industry's value season

The Value of Cruising
Of all the international vacation options, cruises offer the most bang for your buck

Grand Voyages
We scour the industry for the world's most unique and irresistible possibilities

Vacations To Go Celebrates Its Silver Anniversary
The story behind VTG's first 25 years

Europe Cruises and Cruise Tours
Planning a cruise to the Mediterranean or Northern Europe? Here are some tips.

Interview with Ron Pettit, Access Manager at Royal Caribbean
Learn how Royal Caribbean is reaching out to travelers with special needs

What Ever Happened to Renaissance’s “R” Ships?
See where the popular "R Class" ships are now

Vacations To Go Offers Department Dedicated to Travelers with Special Needs
Learn about our guide to special facilities, services and amenities, and our department of specially trained cruise counselors

The Panama Canal: Past, Present and Future
A look at this marvel of modern engineering, and what the future holds

What Ever Happened to ...?: Inactive Ships
A roundup of cruise ships no longer sailing, or no longer marketed in North America

What Ever Happened To…?: Still-Active Ships
A roundup of ships that once sailed under a different name

When Should I Book?
We offer tips and suggestions for when to book to get the cruise you want at the best price

The Stretching of Enchantment of the Seas
A look at what happens when a cruise ship is stretched as part of refurbishment

Deals for Solo Travelers on
We find the lowest single supplements for our customers who travel solo

Six-Star Cruising: The Ultimate Splurge
Saving in other areas allows die-hard cruisers to splurge on their favorite form of travel

Cruises can be Good for Business
Cruises are ideal for giveaways, incentives or business meetings

Take the Family Out to Sea
Here are our tips for planning a successful floating family reunion

Alang: Where Old Ships Go to Die
What happens when a ship reaches the end of its useful life

Western Caribbean Cruise on Princess Back to top
Grand Princess Cruise, Part 1: The Children of Majahual
We visit the up-an-coming port of Majahual, Mexico

Grand Princess Cruise, Part 2: Zip-Lining in Belize
Zip-lining in the jungle offers new thrills

Wonders of the Nile Back to top
Egypt Trip, Part 1: Wonders of the Nile
We visit Cairo then embark on the Sonesta Sun Goddess

Egypt Trip, Part 2: Scenes from the Nile
Highlights from our cruise along the world's longest river

Egypt Trip, Part 3: A Commanding Presence
A visit to the Royal Mummy Room in the Egyptian Museum makes the past seem not so far away

Yachting with SeaDream Back to top
Yachting with SeaDream, Part 1: The Company
Prior to the trip, here's some background information about SeaDream Yacht Club and its style of cruising

Yachting with SeaDream, Part 2: The Cruise
We experience yachting, SeaDream-style

Yachting with SeaDream, Part 3: The Ports
We explore some off-the-beaten-path ports of the Caribbean

Zero Gravity Experience Back to top
Like Nothing on Earth
Going weightless with Zero G